Zodiac Wands

Aries loves power and progress. Birch can safely manifest such powers and construct a sturdy barrier. 

Aries: Birch

Taurus witches' creativity and knowledge are admirable. Add a hazel wand and voila! They may see more and perform miracles with their heightened divination talent. 

Taurus: Hazel

If they want to fly and have roots, airy Geminis will need an Aspen wand. Intuition, abundance, and connection spells work best.

Gemini: Aspen

 Willow wands help you harness your emotions, boost your psychic powers, and stay calm when casting spells. True match.

Cancer: Willow

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Rowan wand magic will complement Leo's majesty. It will help you foresee, heal, and balance your fiery magical powers.

Leo: Rowan

It will increase their cleaning magic, sensuality, and awareness that true pleasure originates from inside. 

Virgo: Hawthorn

 All magic reveres apple trees. Apple wands reveal Libra's genuine nature. Magic, pleasure, regeneration, and potentials will appear. Blessed match.

Libra: Apple

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