Zodiac-based Shadow Archetype

True Aries can sacrifice themselves for others. However, in dark times, dread makes people think of terrible things for them. 

Aries: the Traitor

You know what you want is too much, but it may be the closest we can get to divine. Humans are divine but dwell in a lovely but flawed earth.

Taurus: the Betrayed one

You make snap decisions. This may lead you astray. Tricksters are false prophets. The one who forecast wrongly and stuck to it.

Gemini: the Trickster

The shadow of this archetype must be hate! Mothers symbolize love and acceptance. As we know, this rarely happens.

Cancer: the Hag

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Your zodiac sign reigns supreme. You feel regal strength in your aura when you're born. True rulers must be sober. 

Leo: Tyrant

This makes you feel "nobody". Shallow ghost. However, we know you are more than this.

Libra: Ghost

Your zodiac sign loves secrets. Scorpios also make Death their best buddy. They're the Zodiac Circle's strongest survivors. 

Scorpio: fugitive

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