Zodiac signs with the best sense of humour


Sagittarians are comedic gems making them the funniest zodiac signs among all the twelve sun signs. Their sense of humour stems from their wicked and witty intellect.


Geminis are very dramatic by nature which also makes one of the funniest among zodiac signs. They are supposed to be good with one-liners, witty comebacks and sardonic humour.

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Leo’s are natural entertainers and enjoy the spotlight giving them the funniest expressions and extravagant anecdotes.



Aries is genuinely one of the funniest zodiac signs to have around. The only thing is that they will only show you their entertaining side to you only once they are comfortable around you.


Scorpios are known for their dark sense of humour and can be really funny but you would really have to keep an open mind to understand their twisted sense of humour.

Libras are very friendly people and are usually the life of a party with their incessant jokes. They love to entertain and are always looking for ways to woo the crowd.


They can also lose themselves while entertaining others. Basically, Libras simply want everyone around them to have a good time.


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