Zodiac Signs With "Lucky In Love" 

We don't want to waste the Last Quarter's potential in Capricorn.

Certain zodiac signs are highly receptive to Capricorn energy, and in relationships,Overview (everyone):

this is the ideal energy to inject optimism into a relationship that may need a boost. 

Under the Capricorn Last Quarter Moon, we will make significant romantic decisions and treat them very seriously. 

While some zodiac signs reject the notion of planning a romantic relationship, others embrace the concept of structure and discipline.

If long-term success is the objective, the Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn will accomplish what is necessary to ensure favorable outcomes.

When it comes to zodiac signs that value privacy, no other sign takes secrets as seriously as a Scorpio.

If there's one thing you've learned and come to believe, it's that if you want to keep the passion alive