Zodiac Signs Whose Ex Wants Them Back

Oh, today could be one of those genuinely bizarre days, as today is the day when a few of us may hear a rumor that could throw us off.

It is rumored that our ex has been talking about reentering our lives behind our backs. 

Through the communications of common acquaintances, some of us may learn that this is true. However, they did not inform us. Increasingly intrigued.

During the Moon's opposition to Saturn, we will learn from a third party that our ex wants to reenter our lives.

They have shared their private emotions with their peers, who are now informing us of the situation.

This suggests that they dread making the first move or that they anticipate a negative response from us.

And, depending on who we are and what we've gone through with this ex, we may have no choice but to flee in horror.

This is up to the individual; some people are destined to be together, while in other instances, only one person desires this.

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