Zodiac Signs Who Are Mortal Enemies

1. Gemini & Gemini

Two personalities wrapped up in one sign and walking the fine line between sanity and madness — that’s a Gemini.

2. Scorpio & Aquarius

If we’re to be totally honest, Scorpio really doesn’t have any friends in the Zodiac because, well... that’s just the way Scorpio rolls.

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Although Libra may not have quite the free spirit that Aquarius has, they do tend to have their head in the clouds with little to no worries. In their world, everything is beautiful and balance is key.

3. Libra & Aries

4. Leo & Taurus

Leo’s need to be loyal contrasts with Taurus’ need to do whatever they have to in order to get what they want.

5. Cancer & Pisces

Both Cancer and Pisces are highly sensitive signs. Each one is so sensitive that they could be categorized as hypersensitive and, because of this, it sort of makes sense that they’d be buddies, right? Wrong.

Even more lethal than two Gemini are two Aries. Why? Because, holy hell, when you have two rams together, neither of whom will back down or admit they're wrong, you have a total disaster.

6. Aries & Aries

These two could go head to head hating each other for decades and decades... and some actually have! Two names: Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. Don’t know who they are? Google them.

Aries & Aries

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