Zodiac Signs Teach Love

 Love awakens Aries and all instincts like spring does. They pursue their dreams.

Aries: Love awakens

Their primal inclinations are rarely sugar-coated. They seek genuine affection. They want it deep and intense. They demand power from love. 

Taurus: shows love is real

 The greatest brains see love as an uplifting force that may remove pessimism and gloomy thoughts. Love inspires. 

Gemini: teaching love inspires.

The first Water Sign is Zodiac 4. Moon-ruled Cancer. Cancer loves to nurture and protect. They teach us that love can heal.

Cancer: Love nurtures.

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 Thus, Leo love is apparent, genuine, and deserving. Leo loves crazily. Their deeds and example encourage us. 

Leo: teaches brave love

Love makes them sacrifice a lot. Virgo teaches us to give freely for love. Selfless love.

Virgo: teaches selfless love

 Like a primal instinct, they are passionate and honest in love. Thus, Scorpio teaches us instinctual love. 

Scorpio: teaches instinctive love.

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