Zodiac Signs Struggle On May 25

Today, three zodiac signs have rough horoscopes on May 25, 2023, due to Mars square Node creating havoc in their lives.

There's much to gain from this transit, but we must endure the pain to achieve it. No pain, no gain. That's our buddy 'Mars square Node.'

This energy affects how we process hardship. We aren't promised a hard day, but we do need to go over something that holds power over us to get past it.

Today brings the courage it takes to do the deep diving we need to heal, which means this kind of energy is only available to the three zodiac signs brave enough to 'go there

You have gone from totally confused to absolutely sure of yourself, and you've noticed neither state is sincere

In other words, you feel lost and desperately need to find solid ground because you feel like a ship out at sea, bobbing around aimlessly, looking for an aim.

on May 25, it occurs to you that you can't spend your entire life dedicated all of your minds to something that happened to you when you were a child.

You have lived so much of your life in a state of denial, and to protect yourself from having to admit this, you pretend that you 'have it all.'