Zodiac Signs Reveal Your Hidden Pain

Aries, you're burdened by duty, but you don't complain. Stress is causing brevity, irritation, and curtness with others. 


Your ideal life is like a luxurious cruise liner with a million moving parts and a definite destination, while your current existence is like a lazy river at a midwestern waterpark. 


Like a skateboarder who's not sure if they'll land the trick, you enjoy riding the tight line between max capacity and burnout.


You progress through loss without reverting to adolescent coping techniques, yet sometimes old concerns you've resolved reemerge


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 Loneliness and a desire for stable, mutual, and healthy relationships stand out. You're terrified to ask, yet it may be the only way to obtain an answer. 


You want Battleship, with a completely drawn out playing field to meticulously design your moves one at a time, and it stings to be so out of your element.


Sagittarius, you want knowledge. Always looking outside your own bubble, attempting to see the wider picture. You seek "more" and never settle for safety and stability.


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