Zodiac Signs Reveal Romantic Fears

You're terrified of looking weak if anyone sees those. Aries, opening out and wanting soft love is okay. 

ARIES: You’re afraid of vulnerability

Comfort is the biggest obstacle to intimacy. Venus rules your sensuality and stubbornness, but you love romance. Consistency is your priority.

TAURUS: You fear change

You fear letting someone in and developing a life with them only to wonder what else is out there. You fear being restricted. 

GEMINI: You’re scared you’ll settle

As a parent, you love wholeheartedly. You fear losing your heart to apathy or heartbreak. History shows that love isn't always returned. 

CANCER: You’re afraid of a lack of reciprocity

Someone tried to dim your light and crushed your heart. You fear giving up authority again. 

LEO: You fear having to dull yourself down

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Libra, heartache taught you better boundaries, so you'll attract a better lover. Don’t allow your history keep you from your soulmate. 

LIBRA: You fear codependency. 

 You don't want to let someone see everything and regret it. Scorp, follow your inner fire. Your love and passion deserve a home.

SCORPIO: You fear discovery.

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