Zodiac Signs of Cheating

Characters with love issues often have this trait. Sometimes they don't want what they got.

Over-idealizing love and disillusionment can cause relationship problems. This trait may also attract cheaters.

 Neptune defies bounds. This individual struggles to reconcile their love ideals with reality and is often disappointed.

Like the square, this characteristic might lead to disillusionment when you finally get the love you wanted. 

These people often have several partners and struggle to decide what they want and with whom.

This can cause confusion or a different perspective. Sometimes they alter their thoughts with the wind, but sometimes they have a problematic relationship

Mercury and Neptune in the 5th, 7th, or 8th houses exacerbate this. Neptune-Mars aspects promote confusion and secrecy. 

Neptune-Mars aspects promote confusion and secrecy. They act mysteriously. Mars regulates sex and Neptune confuses or deceives