Zodiac Signs Have Incredible Horoscopes

1. Taurus

You've got a big, beautiful month ahead of you, Taurus, and not only is it your birthday season, but it's also the right time for you to take on something new, such as a new job, or a new area to live in.


Everything about this month seems to be pushing you in the right direction, but it's not the kind of push that came with the Aries energy you just came out of, but the Taurus energy that you are used to.

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Anything that takes you closer to Gemini season is a good thing for you, Gemini, and you'll be delivered right into the sunshiny goodness of your Sun sign's season on the 21.

2. Gemini


You will jump on opportunities and so many of them will be positive and productive. On days when you feel like you might be on the verge of anger or despair.

3. Sagittarius

Self-acceptance plays an enormous role in your positive experience of May 2023. With so many Jupiter transits happening, you'll be 'turned on' as if you are a machine that someone decided to activate.

You are calmer than usual during this time, and so much of that falls on the idea that the Mercury retrograde is finally over on the 14th, leaving you to function properly again.


You can take that seriously and become egomaniacal over your achievements, but you won't. Humility is a huge part of how you interpret the month of May 2023.


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