Zodiac Signs Feel the May Full Flower Moon Most

Have you noticed the recent drama on the planet? Unless you’ve been spared by Mercury retrograde antics lately (must be pleasant)

The ups and downs continue with the full flower moon lunar eclipse of May 2023.

Arriving on May 5 in the illusive and sensual sign of Scorpio, this lunation helps us indulge in our passions and our emotions as we assess what truly matters to us.

For the zodiac signs most affected by the full flower moon lunar eclipse of May 2023, this period of transformation is a time to get serious about what truly matters.

Scorpio has a way of turning our world upside down, and some people will feel extra urgency to make changes in their lives

The water sign attributes much of its intensity to its ruling planet, Pluto, which rules the underbelly of the self — think, sex, control, and power. 

“Pluto promises a time of needed evolutionary transformations in reevaluating our life directions, healing of old wounds, and stepping up our game in order to empower us to achieve our dreams

Even if you are one of the four zodiac signs who will receive the harshest treatment during this lunar cycle, your transformation can herald in a new chapter of success.