Zodiac Signs Determine Romantic Compatibility.

If you doubt astrology, you probably utilize friends, social media, and intuition to assess love compatibility. 

 However, your astrological (zodiac) sign can reveal your personality, wants, and goals. 

Like a Myers-Briggs type, your zodiac sign can help you understand yourself, which improves your chances of success in relationships.

Professional astrologer Rachel Lang can explain your sign and how to apply it in relationships.

Lang says astrology has been part of “our collective subconscious here on Earth” for thousands of years. 

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 Lang argues astrology is simply the interaction between celestial bodies and Earthly happenings, notwithstanding much studies.

Astrology affects our zodiac sign in daily life. This sign is based on the sun's position at your birth. 

Sun signs are the most crucial part of your astrological chart. “Your sun sign is your juice,” Lang says. 

Your sun sign is your juice,” Lang says. “It shapes your personality, but we aren’t just our sun signs.

Since your sign says so much about you, it makes obvious that it might help you understand yourself and romantic relationships. 

Lang warns that while your sun sign can indicate compatibility, it doesn't guarantee romantic success.

Lang says. We all have skills and shortcomings and things that make us different, so you can date anyone. We learn through conflict.

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