Zodiac signs as movie villains

Just as fiery as you, she loves the spotlight and is driven to succeed. Cruella will do anything it takes to get what she wants.


He enjoys the good in life and has a notorious personality that this sign connects with.


He ticks all the boxes. The God of Mischief still retains to be a strong villain in the universe along with being loved by many for his nature.


Norman Bates from Psycho. Does something click? Cancerians are a bit too sensitive in nature and can easily be affected by things.


Gaston? Well, yeah. From the Beauty and The Beast. Leos are passionate people who would love to rule the world one day.


Pure evil when they wish to get something. Virgo religiously believes in “I want it, I got it.”


Libras are observant enough to socialise with anyone they want along with being very strongly opinionated.


A personal favourite is Bellatrix Lestrange. Complex and misunderstood, she was an enigmatic personality like a Scorpio.