Zodiac Sign-Specific Anxiety Dreams

 Your zodiac sign may explain your nighttime worries. Best Life's astrologer helped us decipher these dreams. Your zodiac sign determines your most typical anxiety dream.

Aries: You're invisible

Aries leads the zodiac calmly. You try to wow others with your charm, humor, and success. It doesn't hurt to be recognized for your efforts.

Taurus: You live alone

Tauruses are practical planners. You work harder than other people, thus you get wonderful stuff. You also take satisfaction in your accomplishments and desire to help your loved ones.

Gemini: You're tormented

Geminis are fun-loving partygoers. You're focused on the present, not the future. Your adaptability helps you succeed, but if you're not careful, your history might haunt you.

Cancer: You're hunted

Cancers love to settle down. You'll stay someplace you can relax and be vulnerable. This helps you form close friendships.

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Leo: You're abandoned

You're the zodiac's wild comic. You like entertaining others. Relationships and others' views are crucial.

Virgo: You forget something vital.

Virgos are planners. Everyday routines and places for everything. You worry about control and consider all possible outcomes. Your biggest worry and concern is forgetting anything crucial.

Libra: It's apocalyptic

You cannot withstand a nightmare involving civilization crumbling or starting again in an other universe. You're just, but you won't reconstruct the world.

Scorpio: Publicly nude

Scorpios are enigmatic. You appear stoic, but you're actually highly sensitive and guarded. Being vulnerable or exposed makes you worry.

Sagittarius: You're stuck

Sagittarians are zodiac's daredevils. You have the most decorated passport because you pursue your hobbies and try new things.

Capricorn: School's back

Overachievers are Capricorns. You strive for excellence in all you do. Time and effort are more important than intelligence or expertise.

Aquarius: Drowning

Aquarius may seem indifferent, yet you're sensitive. After all, you're the water bearer.It's hard to see someone carry the globe. 

Pisces: Alone

Pisces are dreamy lovers. You may enjoy life alone, but you feel better and have more fun with friends, family, partners, or even pets.