Zodiac Death Signs

Aries is linked to bleeding from metal objects and violent deaths. Aries also affects extreme sports and dangerous activity accidents.

Aries: Blood Orgy

This Zodiac Sign enjoys reading books by the fireplace with friends. Taurus has more accidents at home, especially in the kitchen, which Venus, their lovely governor, rules. 

Taurus: Death visits Home

Gemini loves to escape. Fast drivers and motorbike enthusiasts. Their recklessness and love of multitasking make them prone to car accidents. Drive or else.

Gemini: Dying for Freedom

 Cancers struggle with strong emotions. Sleeping, eating, and respiratory difficulties. 

Cancer: Drowning from Sorrow

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Sun-Apollo rules just Leo. They feel royal since they are Sun children. They naturally crave attention and appreciation.

Leo: Dramatic Death

A smart planet that gives them the power to analyze anything. They are solution-oriented and exaggerate their ability.

Virgo: Escaping details by dying

 Capricorn deaths affect society or labor. Capricorns attract power, and their deaths mark eras. They age and die naturally. 

Capricorn: Sages die too

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