Zodiac-Based Lucky Flower

Lavender's vibrant appearance matches Gemini's gregarious and dynamic temperament. Lavender, like Geminis, is versatile. 

Gemini: Lavender

Cancers are creative and emotional. Cancers like familiarity, even when they embrace adventure. White roses, like Cancerians, are graceful and loved. 

Cancer:White rose

 The greatest brains see love as an uplifting force that may remove pessimism and gloomy thoughts. Love inspires. 


The first Water Sign is Zodiac 4. Moon-ruled Cancer. Cancer loves to nurture and protect. They teach us that love can heal.

Virgo: Buttercup

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Libras, like the rose, are calm and outgoing and can fit into any social setting. Roses are global weeds, like Libra's warmth.

Libra: Rose

Like Scorpios, these five-petal zodiac flowers bloom in tight groups. Despite their mystique, Scorpios' inner circle will recognize their sensitivity.

Scorpio: Geranium

agittariuses, like carnations, are fiery and daring. Fire signs are untamable and open-minded.

Sagittarius: Carnation

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