Your Zodiac's 2023 Summer Solstice

this year’s solstice extraordinary is a special connection between the sun and the north node of fate.

These are two of the most crucial placements in astrology when it comes to fulfilling your life's purpose.

This is the time to supercharge your desires and take the rest of the year to bring them into reality,

Keep reading to see who will be the luckiest zodiac sign this summer and discover what's in store for your sign

You may feel inspired to pick up a new creative venture or revisit an old passion or hobby

It's time to take things slow, Taurus—and that's saying something, since bulls usually prefer a slow and steady pace, especially in the summer.

Feeling the urge to mingle? You have the summer solstice to thank for that! Focus these extra social-butterfly tendencies on close friends and family.

It's your time to shine, Cancer. The summer solstice marks the start of your season in astrology, which means you're being given the chance to rediscover yourself.