Your Zodiac Workout

A steady and well-rounded fitness regimen may improve your mind, body, and spirit, whether you work from home and feel sluggish or you simply want to move more.

Spinning classes include unique lighting, upbeat music, and friendly competition. You may forget you're exercising.

Aries: Spinning

You dislike crowded gyms. You like working out and living outside. Outdoors grounds you. Hiking is fun on weekends and off days. 

Taurus: Hiking

You want to work out where you can feel the burn and meet friends. Zumba is a wonderful way to work up a sweat, relieve tension, and make new friends.

Gemini: Zumba

Cancer's energy fluctuates with the moon's cycles. You prefer mood-based decision-making over routine. 

Cancer: Pilates

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Fire signs must be enthusiastic about their pursuits. Fitness should be exciting and effective, so you won't wait for the squat rack.

Leo: Ballet Barre

Virgo, you're probably already exercising as you're health-conscious. If you want to change things up, locate something you can fit into your hectic schedule. 

Virgo: Yoga

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