Your Zodiac Sign's Ideal Makeup Look

The chance that you’re either running to work, running a meeting, or literally going for a run is high, so you like to keep things simple. You’re also into beauty products that treat your skin well.



Think lengthening mascara, a barely there pink lip, a subtle highlight, and some blush that melts right into the apples of your cheeks — à la Hailey Bieber.


There’s actually no perfect makeup look for your zodiac sign, Gemini, but that’s because you love all of them.

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Cancers absolutely love a ’90s-style neutral lip. You’ll take a mauve gloss, brown liner, or taupe lipstick any day of the week.


As a Leo, you saw this one coming a mile away, but — you crave full-on glamour. That means lots of sparkle, gold tones, a bold lip, and a bold eye, or whatever else you think will turn heads.


Virgos love a classic makeup look. that means flawless skin, perfect eyeliner, expertly arched brows, and a statement lip color.


As a Libra, you know what you like makeup-wise and tend to stick to what you’ve been doing since high school. But you also aren’t afraid to throw in the occasional trend or two.

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