Your Zodiac Sign's Ideal House

These homes are precious, from your childhood bedroom through your first apartment. No life event is more significant than buying your first house. It's a massive, lasting choice.


Aries, you're the zodiac's leader. Work hard and brag about your accomplishment. As a futurist, you should live in a fashionable modern. 


Stardust thinks a Tudor is ideal for Taurus because it grounds them and prepares them for any challenge. You also like ancient building types because of your aesthetics and art.

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Geminis are mocked for never relaxing. While your mind wanders and your social calendar is always full, you need a place to rest and reset more than anyone.


As the zodiac's sentimental nurturer, a house symbolizes your deep desire to create a happy home and care for your family. You're the most emotional sign, thus your house must be calming.


In this luxurious venue, you'll feel like royalty with skyline views and party space. You won't mind neighbors or noise. 


You're a perfectionist because you're realistic and systematic. Your dream house contains many nooks and crannies since you're detail-oriented.


 You travel to different places and meet new people to experience the finest of life. Your luxurious abode should represent your attractive, seductive personality. 


 You can achieve everything you want, even though you're less visible than other signals. You've succeeded because you're picky about who you trust. 


Freedom-loving Sagittarians are hard to bind. Your busy intellect and life-lust frequently lead to unexpected events. You often change jobs, friends, and activities. 


Capricorn, you're the boss. You work hard. Your passionate side may be unknown to some. As a hardworking parent, homeownership is important to you.


Aquarians are unconventional, therefore your ideal house will include a range of forms, shapes, and patterns and be completely unique to you. 


As an empathetic and intuitive zodiac sign, you overextend yourself for others. Pisces, your emotions are vivid and simultaneous. This might overwhelm and tire you. You need a haven to escape.