Your zodiac sign's best pet

Choosing a pet is important. Make sure your pet matches your lifestyle, space, and personality. 


Aries require an energetic pet. Ferrets like you have difficulties sitting still! Another option for active Aries is a Border Collie. You'll enjoy exhausting each other


Taureans are so relaxed they're virtually horizontal! They adore affection, so a soft, low-maintenance hamster is a wonderful choice. Tauruses want to relax and appreciate nature. 


Chatty Geminis have a parrot friend. Geminis may spend all day with African Gray birds.   Geminis crave stimulating conversation, and parakeets are lively and friendly.


Cancers are prickly but nurturing. Cancer may appreciate a rescue hedgehog. Himalayans intuitively offer their owners space when needed ,they adore staying home and snuggling on the sofa.

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Lovingly loud Chickens and Leos hate being forgotten! A pet chicken can outcluck even the most obnoxious Leo. Leos enjoy beauty. Bengals are prettier than chickens.


Like Virgos, these sweet dogs require structure. They won't shed fur like some dogs, which would annoy Virgos. Virgos that are picky about their home area.


Balanced Libras adore beauty and giving and receiving affection. Rabbits are adorable pets. Libras may be lovebirds. Bright and lovely, they thrive on love and affection.


Scorpios aren't afraid of snakes. Snakes may intrigue a fiery Scorpio. Scorpios like reptiles. Lizards may be intriguing.  Chinchillas, like Scorpios, are independent yet loving once they get to know you.


Sagittarians adore adventure, and a horse may be the perfect companion. Sagittarians who love the outdoors may also like the Australian Shepherd.


Hard-working A dependent pet isn't good for Capricorns who work long hours. Guinea pigs can play alone.


Aquarians adore space and are unconventional. Lizards are odd pets that don't need attention.Cockatiels are clever like Aquarians. They're good companions but don't need much attention.


Pisceans naturally like fish. Both are instinctual and trust their gut.Emotional Pisceans enjoy affection. Pisces could like an older dog who likes to snuggle.