Your parents' zodiac signs affect you

Although astrology is not an exact science, it can help us analyze and comprehend these formative relationships with parental figures.

Even those with limited knowledge of astrology typically know their sun sign, also known as their star sign. 

This is the one that can be determined simply by knowing a birthday, so it is not necessary to do your parents' entire birth charts to begin!

Already, the solar sign can reveal a great deal about personality types. For instance, a typical Virgo is likely to be extremely regimented and organized

which can manifest in their approach to parenting. A Taurus, on the other hand, may be extremely patient and tranquil with their children

Our zodiac signs also reveal much about our communication styles. Consider the characteristics of your parents' zodiac signs

In astrology, your birth chart is a blueprint of your entire existence. Those who influence you and cross your path are already represented there.

Therefore, to comprehend the impact of your parents on you, you need only examine your own chart from this angle.