Your May horoscope is here

Under the cosmic atmosphere of this month, unanticipated costs or drama have the potential to materialize, so proceed with caution. 


It will be the ideal time to spoil that special someone because Taurus will be in a giving mood.


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This month, ask your closest family and friends to hold your tears while they listen to your emotional distress. 


keep in mind to respect other people's privacy, especially if they aren't yet ready to share their true feelings.


Mercury is moving retrograde through the success-driven sign of Taurus, so you might start to reevaluate your career aspirations and future plans.


Even though you frequently put others before yourself, now is the time for you to prioritize your needs.


Watch out for problems in your romantic relationships. You may need to check yourself because the eclipse can make us all a little bit obsessed.


Instead of getting impatient, consider this month a reprieve and take pleasure in living a more laid-back lifestyle .


Don't let anything get in the way of your progress toward personal evolution, Capricorn; give yourself permission to keep going.


If your world starts to fall apart, Aquarius, try to stay composed and grounded as you make your way through the chaos. 


 Make sure you're not making the same relationship mistakes you have in the past, and don't put pressure on yourself to decide the fate of any current romantic relationships.