Thursday, April 6, 2023 free daily forecast

Do not rank your acquaintances according to the number of favors they have performed for you.

You cannot compel the formation of relationships. The energy of the moon has you seeking stability. 

Taurus, a friend needs your advice. Attempt to maintain objectivity and compassion. 

You've successfully resolved your differences with your family and are now feeling good.

You are overwhelmed with a sense of contentment and comprehension. You need not hurry to accomplish your objective

Good things require patience. You and your companion are enjoying yourselves immensely, and your relationship is stronger than ever.

Observe your resources! Discipline is now crucially essential. You need a clear mind at work, so don't allow impulsivity to control your decision-making.

Someone treads on your heels! Your strong sense of self makes it simpler for you to carry burdens. Not all situations are as dire as you believe.

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