Your Handwriting Says About Your Personality

Although handwriting may almost seem like a lost art in the modern times of technology where typing is really the new way to get the written word.

penmanship skills

you may want to start placing greater importance on your handwriting ability. I knew all those years practicing cursive in school were going to pay off.

Growing up, you may have either hated or loved learning how to handwrite.

learning how to handwrite.

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Hated or loved learning

While some of us were the type who loved taking the time to cross our t's and dot our i's, maybe even sometimes with a heart if we were feeling particularly creative that day.

looped L

A "looped L" says that you're a hopeful dreamer, whereas a "retraced L" reveals that your hopes and dreams may have been squashed.

looped T

A "looped T" says that you're sensitive to criticism and paranoid, but a "retraced T" means that you're a good worker with discipline and self-control.

slender Y

A "slender Y" means that you select your friends very carefully, whereas a "broad Y" means that you have a lot of friends, suggesting a friendly personality.

dotted i

An empty "dotted i" reveals a playful and artistic nature, whereas a filled-in "dotted i" reveals great attention to detail and a dislike for clutter.

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