Your Dog’s Zodiac Sign Personality

This dog is likely a go-getter and a boisterous little thing. With unbounding energy and a big bark, an Aries dog is definitely unmissable

Taurus is the slow-moving, chill-until-you-push-me-too-far sign of the zodiac. So, any Taurus dog is likely one that enjoys relaxing, eating, and basking in warm or fuzzy places

Gemini is sometimes referred to as the sign that has too many thoughts flying through their head at once.

This animal is very smart and loves to learn, but keeping them focused is a challenge. Small training sessions and a lot of exercise is the way to go.

Cancer dogs are some of the sweetest, most cuddly animals out there. They love to be at home with you, but really, wherever you are is where “home” is.

In the zodiac, Leo is the sign that pulls attention. They draw the spotlight on them—sometimes willingly, but most of the time they do this without realizing it.

Virgo is extremely willing-to-please. Likewise, a Virgo dog is also willing-to-please. This animal can be trained like a military dog due to its extreme attention to detail

Libra represents balance and equality, this kind of dog is likely to think of others before themselves.