Your "Dark Zodiac" Sign's Mysteries

While your zodiac sign portrays a picture of who you can be at your best, your 'dark zodiac' sign represents the characteristics that frequently characterize your worst.  

The dark zodiac is an enigmatic inversion of the traditional zodiac. In many respects, dark zodiac signs represent your own shadow side.

This aspect of yourself is more than the wounds you may bear; it is the counterpoint to your light.

It includes the propensity to avoid, deceive, manipulate, and even rage in order to get what you want.

Even though no one desires to accept the truth of their shadow zodiac sign or shadow side, it is an integral part of who you are because it reflects your insecurities

The greater your understanding of your dark zodiac sign, the more conscious you can be when integrating it with your light.

Balance is achieved not by eradicating darkness, but by recognizing that you and everyone in life have two sides

Your light side is commonly regarded as all that is positive, such as your kindness, hope, generosity, and loyalty,

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