You Tell Every Day Biggest Lie

The woman, well dressed in her 30s with her smartphone caught between her ear and shoulder while shuffling kale, spinach, and Lean Cuisine onto the belt.

Her phone goes into her pocketbook as her credit card comes out and she disappears into the parking lot.

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She is still putting up with his nonsense and taking care of his needs. She’s angry at him, but she’s also angry at herself.

Walking past the gleaming Cadillac years ago, I entered a store to answer their Help Wanted ad. I was young, just starting out after college with two children and another on the way.

Inside, a rather large man in a colored shirt, wide tie, and slicked back receding hairline read my form and then talked to me for the next hour and 45 minutes.

The actual truth he misses is that he does it all for himself. His family is an excuse, something to make him feel good when his kid got an A or got on base.

He got his rewards from his "success" as a Color Tile district manager and was a stranger to his family. Color Tile was long out of business but his family lived on.

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