World Supersport champion Kenan Sofuoglu drove the Ninja H2R on the Osman Gazi bridge in Istanbul at 400 kph. The closed bridge feat took 26 seconds. 

1  World’s Fastest Production Bike

The very durable paint mechanically repairs scratches by blending hard and soft painting segments. Paint only repairs mild scratches.

2 Self-healing paint 

 Kawasaki Ninja H2R's bank angle display records the highest angle and displays it as needed. The motorcycle's inertial measuring unit makes the H2R's characteristics so outstanding.

3 Bank angle display

 The motorbike is for track usage or event-closed roads. H2R is limited-use since it lacks headlights, taillights, and mirrors. Thus, no motorbike number plate.

4 Not Road Legal

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 Kawasaki's 998cc supercharged engine produces 310HP and 326HP in RAM air-assist mode. 14,000 rpm produces power and 12,500 rpm produces 165Nm of torque.

5 Supercharged Engine

 Carbon-fibre wings on the Ninja H2R increase downforce and are mounted where bike rearview mirrors normally. The lightweight arrangement works well at above 300kph.

6  Carbon-Fiber Wings

 The H2R has the best rubber mix and a unique size listing from Kawasaki. Race-spec tires can't be changed since every electrical function is designed for their size and capabilities.

7  Bridgestone Battlax V01 Tires 

 The H2R's alloy design and titanium exhaust system make the right side seem athletic while the disc brake and swingarm remain on the left.

8 Single-sided Swingarm

330mm, twin Brembo semi-floating brakes with 5.5mm thickness reduce unsprung weight and increase stopping power. The front has an M50 4-piston setup and the rear a 250mm 2-piston disc brake.

9 Brembo Brakes

Ninja H2R has 135mm-travel Ohlins TTX36 gas-charged shock. Additionally, Ohlins makes the precise steering damper. 43mm USD front suspension with 120mm travel.

10 Ohlins Suspension

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