Workout Wooing: Could Your Perfect Match?

You gotta love an alliterative dating trend, but what exactly is workout wooing? A somewhat new trend, workout wooing is a form of dating.

While this may be a bit unorthodox or even uncomfortable for some, it's becoming more common for singles who exercise regularly.

Gym chains have been around in the United States since the 1960s, according to ClubReady, but there weren't very many of them around back then.

What Are The Odds?

Today, with the prevalence of boutique fitness studios, 24-hour gyms, health centers, and other fitness centers, the odds have improved.

Social media has helped improve the odds of meeting a potential partner at a gym or fitness studio.

How A Fitness Dating App Can Help Boost Your Odds

A Fitness Dating App

Among the long list of dating apps geared toward singles who love to exercise are Datefit and Fitafy.

The same can be said for people who practice their hobbies in public, like disc golf or bingo.