Why You Should Keep Your Relationship Private

Social media is ever present these days.

Chances are that everyone reading this has at least one social media account, whether they post on it or not.

on social media accounts.

From sweet photos to long quotes about how they’ve met, people in love tend to share everything about their significant other on their social media accounts.

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I firmly believe that a healthy relationship can only succeed when it’s private but not secret.

private but not secret.

online post

You can post your partner online all you want. But the minute you overshare your personal details, daily activities, and disagreements, you’re inviting others into a relationship that should only be between two people.

opinion and insight

You’re allowing strangers to give their opinion and insight into something they know nothing about, but think they do, based on your online posts.

Not posting every single detail of your relationship online allows you to keep some aspects of your love between you and your partner.

your relationship online

When you’re not taking all those perfectly choreographed photos for Instagram, you can also stay in the moment with your loved one.

perfectly choreographed

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