Why women Do That Guys *Secretly* Love

Laying your head on his chest.

When laying on the couch watching TV or laying in bed after a long day, it's one of the best feelings when a woman lays her head on your chest and puts her arm over you.

Asking for support.

As men, we enjoy feeling as though we are being protective, and this signifies that she feels safe in our arms.

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There's a lot of pressure on guys to always initiate. Sometimes, he may not know if he's being too pushy or texting too much.

Making the first move.

Texting him first.

Guys love to feel affection too, and if he's really into you he will be thinking about you. Sending him a quick text will brighten his day and spark a good conversation.

Telling him you appreciate him.

Some people are more affectionate than others and there's nothing wrong with that.

While he should be able to read your feelings from your actions, some guys need a more direct approach.

Telling him how you really feel.

I didn't realize how great this one was until my girlfriend randomly did it one day. Lip biting is another attractive things girls do during a passionate kiss.

Biting his lip while kissing.

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