What’s Your Zodiac Sign’s Nature Spirit

Passions generally overwhelm them. True Fire comes from love and friendship.

Aries: Salamanders

Like Taurus, these creatures adore nature and can be possessive and overprotective of their home and loved ones. 

Taurus: Pixies

 They are intelligent and can defend you while traveling or inspire and luck you in intellectual work.

Gemini: Sylphs

Griffins—like Leo—protect justice and truth. They're fearless. They're Leo's Nature Spirits. Leo draws strength from griffins.

Leo: Griffins

Hesperides, like Virgo, loves gardens, herbs, flowers, and useful objects. They might also dedicate their lives to a sacred cause. Unbelievable beauty.

Virgo: Hesperides

Like Libra, fairies appreciate serenity and beauty. They'll do anything to keep peace. They will defeat those who dispute their "manifesto.

Libra: Fairies

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