Weird Ways Guys Flirt With You

I have been called the King-Queen of Obliviousness when it comes to figuring out if men are interested in me.

1. He's following you around

There are some men out there who just haven’t gotten to the point where they can be comfortable enough to talk to girls.

Actually, most girls can tell that this is a form of flirting... I think. Even so, if you aren’t sure what’s up, most guys will not complain to a girl.

2. He whines about not having a girlfriend to you

Yes, this is classic Nice Guy behavior. Yes, most men do this when they are desperate for any girl to talk to them.

3. He talks about how he would be such a good boyfriend

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Yes, I’ve had this happen with guys. Yes, it’s just as sick and messed up as it sounds. Yes, they somehow think this constitutes flirting.

4.He tries to ruin your chances

This happened to several of my friends, who all were willing to talk shop... only to realize that the guy in question had absolutely no interest in career.

5. He asks you for help in a career field

It’s classic Nice Guy behavior, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. A lot of men seem to think that doing polite gestures counts as flirting.

7. He holds doors open for you

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