Tuesday, April 11, 2023, free daily horoscope

Even if you've been waiting awhile for your dream to become reality, don't throw your principles to the wind. 


Tension is in the air, especially with your superiors. It's not a good time to cherry-pick your spats.


Gemini, if you feel like you need to make a big decision about your relationship, then stop avoiding it,


Even if your partner's been spoiling you, you're not completely happy. Call up some old friends. They've been missing you.


Green Star

It's time to open those eyes, Leo. Your family is suffering because of your behavior. Your charisma tends to put you straight into the limelight.


Green Star

Now is the time to break out your argumentative skills. Hold talks and negotiate. You've got to go for it all to reach your goals.



Have the courage to take unusual paths in your professional life. Everyone's got short fuses today, do your best to stay calm.

Green Star

When your partner sends you clear signals, you've got to react. Don't leave your problems to collect dust and or grow. Deal with them, Scoprip.


Green Star