Top Cats for Kids

Ragdoll cats adore human interaction and are easygoing. One of the most friendly cat breeds, cats love to be handled and meet their owners at the entrance and accompany them throughout the house.


American Shorthair cats are kind, calm, and gentle. These charming cats are low-maintenance and get along with people and other pets.

American Shorthair

Birman cats are friendly, inquisitive, and social. They appreciate attention and may hang around with other pets. Though less energetic than other breeds, they like playing with other dogs and can adapt to any family. 


Maine Coons, famed for their size, have big personalities. These 20-pound gentle giants are kitten-like. They're soft, tolerant, and adaptable to children's demands. 

 Maine Coon

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Abyssinian cats are master manipulators. They like to run, jump, play, and welcome their owners with gentle talk. They are clever, loving, and energetic.


Affectionate, affable, even-tempered, and mellow, Manx cats are fiercely protective of their home and love humans.


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