Top 3 First Date Turn-Ons and Turn-Offs

Have you ever waited at a bar for someone while drinking a margarita on a Wednesday night?

Discuss kids.

41% of men want to talk about their date's childlessness early on. Before things get serious, it doesn't matter.

66% of men want to discuss employment on the first date. This issue may determine who pays on a first date, or you may utter a dumb joke.

Discuss jobs.

56% of males surveyed, sensitive but vital facts like whether you have children or are divorced should be discussed on first contact.

Be straightforward.

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52% of guys don't want to know. No ex talk on any date.

Don't talk about how many partners you've had

Only 8% of men want to know about your finances, while the rest would rather not. Discuss your job, not your income.

Discuss money.

68 percent of males want their first dates to be fetish-free. Postpone until the third date.

Show your sexual quirks

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