Today's horoscope: Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Take care and try to be aware of what you're eating. Do your best to look past the little things that irk you. Praise works better than blame.

You don't have time to be tender, you've got to settle some important stuff. Don't make more promises than you can keep just because you don't like saying no.

Now's the time to focus on just one thing. Set your emotions aside for a second and use your head to solve a difficult problem.

Cancer, your mistrust sometimes drives your partner nuts! You hesitate and doubt too much.

Don't fall back into your old habits. Leo, you've got the chance to finally settle that dispute. Your love already forgave you.

Right now, your love life feels deadly serious. Relax and change your perspective, there's still so much beauty to enjoy.

Libra, you've got to trust your feelers and they are singling troubled times. Try to talk to your love about what's going on with you.

All you need is some vitamins to feel energized, Scorpio. Take care, your partner isn't into your big ideas.