These zodiac signs are the meanest

They are the black sheep of the bunch! Scorpios are known to have no limits if it means they can get their way. It's best to remain in their good books.

1. Scorpio

Gemini is not the most dreamy sign in astrology. People born under this sign are known for allegedly having a dual personality and for not being easy to understand.

2. Gemini

They are often very well-liked... but they are real little vipers! Who would have thought that a hypersensitive and empathetic Pisces could also be prickly and hypocritical?

3. Pisces

Capricorns can be vicious if things don't go their way. Like their friends, the Pisces, they simply don't know how to manage their emotions.

4. Capricorn

Aries aren't as bad as you might think. In reality, they are just too honest and don't know how to sugarcoat things.

5. Aries

Virgos have an extremely manipulative side and will not hesitate to play with the feelings of others to get their way.

6. Virgo

They'll do anything for their loved ones and they can't help but expect the same from others.

7. Cancer