These 3 Zodiac Signs Are Waaay Better Off Single

During Moon square Mars, we know what's best for us and follow our truths. We are happy for those comfortable in their love lives and begrudge them nothing.

As someone who has accumulated much experience in love and romance, you know when it's right for you to be involved and when it's right for you to remove yourself from the equation.

1. Aries

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Everyone is supposed to fall in love and live happily ever after. You find that absurd, as you have found perfect love and balance in being on your own, not committing to anyone other than yourself.


You know what's best for you regarding love and romance, and you're better off being single right now.

2. Cancer

You like being single, and that's the way that goes. If being a partner is great for the other people in your life, then whoopee for them.


Being single is the only way you've come to experience happiness in this life. You may be someone who adores the company of people.

3. Aquarius

You will tell this person that you aren't 'commitment material' and don't want to get much heavier than that while you'd like to remain flirty.


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