The Zodiac Signs as Parents (Moms and Dads)

Active and sporty, teaches his kids to set goals and compete. He values strength and discipline. He inspires winning through athletics.

Aries dad

These mothers assist their kids overcome all challenges. Her children should be independent, but not from her. 

Aries mom

Passionate and accurate, educates his children to organize their ideas and follow their hearts. He protects his children and keeps his family together. 

Taurus dad

Intellectual and witty, educates his kids to cherish information. He demands the best education for his children. He enjoys pranks. 

Gemini dad

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Moms who want to know everything about their kids. Their children are adventurous and curious like them. 

Gemini, Mon

He's protective and educates his kids to take things slowly. Traditional fathers are kind and overprotective. 

Cancer Dad

Most typical mother. Protective and loving. Her children and spouse seek a utopia at home. She's resilient.

Cancer Mom

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