The worst habits of every zodiac sign

Although the Sagittarius is known to be a diligent worker, they are also prone to falling into the habit of working too hard for oneself.

Sagittarius has a tendency to say things that they don't intend on a personal level,

which might result in broken promises. The majority of the time, however, it's just because they value their independence and don't want to be confined in any way.

Air signs are intellectual, curious, and deeply social, but they can be hard to pin down and establish deeper connections with.

Geminis love to gossip, which can be great for their storytelling skills but harmful to their social circles.

Geminis have the curse of feeling scattered and being distracted, so they’re often late or zoning out of conversations

Libras love to please, which isn’t always a bad thing, but can lead to bad habits when it comes to trying to impress others.

Libras have a hard time saying no, so they’ll often take on too much just to avoid conflict.

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