The Top 6 Bossiest Zodiac Signs

Leo is the king of jungles and orders. This sign is stubborn and uncompromising. Leos often want to push their ideas on others.

Leo, the bossiest sign

Taurus naturally rules

Taurus is the most obstinate zodiac sign, making them the bossiest. Taurus typically barks guidance yet means well.

Aries annihilates all

Aries is a natural leader and doesn't mind giving orders. Leading and watching their goals come to fruition thrills the first zodiac sign.

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Cancer is resourceful

Cancerians are renowned as mother hens, which makes them good organizers. Cancer advocates adore persuading others.

Scorpio leads well

Scorpios are excellent project managers. Scorpios are demanding of themselves and others, therefore their work always turns out well.

Gemini enjoys command

For good cause, Gemini is the sixth bossiest zodiac sign! Geminis may be bosses despite their laid-back nature.

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