The Sun Square Pluto brings Zodiac Signs' worst fears to life

On April 20, 2023, three zodiac signs face their worst anxieties. However, before you let your imagination run wild

On this day, April 16, nobody knows what they want, and because the transit 'Moon conjunct Saturn' is high in the sky and wreaking havoc on our emotional state

you should know that when we utter phrases such as "Your worst fears are about to come true," we do not necessarily mean that your worst fears will come true.

However... and there is always a "however," we are working with Sun square Pluto today, and on April 20

this could bring up something for three zodiac signs that resembles a disaster manifestation talent.

The greatest burden of the day for Leo, Scorpio, and Pisces is the anticipation of failure.

We fear being mistaken or doing something incorrectly, and because transits of Sun square Pluto tend to cause us to overthink things

we will also have a great deal of self-doubt while in the overthinking zone. When the Sun squares Pluto