Love Was Blind and the Bachelorette series might satisfy your turmoil desire from the couch. You must stan.

Aries, you're fast. Married At First Sight may reward your impulses. After eight weeks, you'd pick whether to marry the person experts chose for you.

Aries: Married At First Sight

Bridgerton, Taurus... The Courtship follows a woman and her 16 suitors at a castle in the English countryside as they try to woo her.

Taurus: Courtship

Gemini, want a game? FBoy Island is busy. After meeting 24 applicants, you'll have to judge who's a "FBoy" and who's a "nice guy."

Geminis: FBoy Island

Cancer—use your feelings. The Portal lets you rekindle a former relationship on The One That Got Away. 

Cancers: The One Who Took Away

Leo, channel your core character. As The Bachelorette, you date roughly 25 contestants who want a rose from you to stay in the competition.

Leos : The Bachelorette

Logical Virgo. Plan ahead on The Ultimatum: Marriage Or Move On. You'd have eight weeks to decide whether to marry or break up.

Virgos : Marry or Leave

Libra, this show would satisfy. You never have trouble finding a companion, so staying on Love Island requires coupling up.

Libras : Love Island