The Most Manipulative Zodiac Signs

Everybody has the ability to manipulate others to get the things they want. You may not be aware that you’re manipulating someone, or you may know exactly what you’re doing.

They can rationalize their lying, saying it's for the greater good and there are no other options, but they use lying as a way to manipulate others.

1. Gemini

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They may say they're going to do something and have absolutely no intention of doing it, or they may say a situation is dire when it's really not.


You could lose them from your life if you don't go along with them. It's not unlike emotional abuse and bullying.

2. Scorpio

All the secrets you've confided in Scorpio in the past may not be considered confidential any longer, and they could make them public knowledge if you're on the outs.


Capricorn uses their knowledge and proficiency as a way to get someone to do what they want.

3. Capricorn

When someone feels capable and strong, they're better able to stand up to Capricorn and say no, so this zodiac sign weakens their confidence and manipulates them.


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