The Most Genuine Zodiac Sign


These earth signs will be real with you no matter what—and this openness is a big part of why they're so genuine. They might be a bit quiet at times, but they never shy away from giving their honest opinions or advice.


Humanitarians at heart, these one-of-a-kind folks go hard for the people and things they care about. Overall, they're trustworthy and friendly, so they'll never pull a fast one on you.

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We all know Taurus can be more stubborn than most, but they are also some of the most real and loyal people you'll ever meet. "What you see is what you get,".



Libras pride themselves on not being insincere or fake. They want to be loved for who they are and don't need any bells and whistles.


Capricorns do not have the time to be disingenuous. They're practical and might be a little cold at times, but they will always stay true to themselves.

Nobody will care for you more than a Cancer. "Their caring and sensitive nature comes from their sweet and tender hearts which they often wear on their sleeves,".


They truly are the most genuine zodiac sign because they love to help others—while also staying true to themselves.


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