The Happiest Zodiac Signs And Their Joys


Sagittarius is definitely the happiest sign. Maybe it's because they're naturally adventurous and free. Sag has a built-in way to escape pain and return to their happy zone. Sagittarians are joyful, silly, and unharmed.


Like Sagittarius, these people are joyful kids. Leo craves positivity and always finds it. They're one of the Zodiac's happiest signs, but they can't suddenly eliminate grief like Sag can.


Aries, the last fire sign, is cheerful. They have a devil-may-care attitude and like to joke around, but if something concerns them, they ruminate on it.

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Libra is a "fake it 'til you make it" person, and guess what? Faking works! Libras are peaceful and want to avoid conflict, but they don't dread it. Avoiding it makes them happy.


Despite their emotional outbursts, Pisces are cheerful. Maybe they weep a lot. They may have discovered that expressing their emotions makes them happier in the long term.


Gemini's duality nature lets them choose happiness, even when they're down. Geminis never wallow in self-pity. Gemini sees life as a choice—be happy or unhappy. Always good.


Knowing they can fight for their desires makes Capricorn joyful. These free people hate repression. They express themselves many way


Scorpios recognize that happiness is a choice, and no one works harder to find it. Because Scorpios are so physically driven, you'll find them working out, reading great books, and eating well.


Taurus craves happiness yet self-sabotages and hurts themselves. Taureans don't understand their self-destructive behavior. Taurus is like the sun at midday when super-happy.


Cancer's insatiability holds them back. Happiness is always "over there," something to pursue.


Aquarians are sad and always wrong. Aquarians enjoy Schadenfreude—joy in others' suffering. They secretly like suffering with their best friends and partners.


Virgos don't accept happiness. Virgo is the saddest sign. They always pour their everyday self-hate onto others. Virgo only truly enjoys hurting others with words. They enjoy humiliating others.